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Where Does Time Go?

I have a faulty calendar. It reads November, which is in direct conflict with my brain, still idling in March or possibly April, but I’m sure as shootin’ that we have not yet reached summer, let alone autumn, which my brain says is a hop, skip, and a jump away from winter. This morning when I looked outside, I saw leafless trees, but a lawn covered. What’s going on? If it’s still spring, shouldn’t the leaves still be on the trees?

It seemed like just yesterday that I was noticing robins pulling worms from the ground in the yard, my dogwood tree bursting into bloom, and I was wondering whether I should buy a new bathing suit for my summer adventures. But today the calendar says that Halloween has come and gone, the Marine Corps Birthday ball is nearly hear, Thanksgiving is within sight, and it is time to order a new winter coat. I found one that was reasonably priced (sort of) with fur, buttons, snaps, and zippers, not to mention Velcro and it said there would be directions for use and no expiration date. I hope the directions are in English and large enough to read. I sometimes need help fastening all the closures, as my crooked fingers don’t respond to securing them in the right order. Do I snap or button first and why doesn’t the zipper zip right and where is the other half of the Velcro? Bikinis are a lot easier and take up far less space in a suitcase.

Despite the fact that 2021 is flying by, it has been a year filled with adventure. A trip to Florida with lots of excursions, followed by two quick trips to Alaska, opposite ends of the universe, so to speak. I have been a busy girl, publishing three books, my Wrinkly Bits series, and I’m about to toss the fourth one, Bits of Time, into the mix. Cruise Time, my first, was published on May 15, which seems like yesterday. I might have a kink in my schedule as I learned yesterday, to my displeasure, that there is a paper shortage, so publishing might be delayed, but my part is mostly done, final edits, and that sort of thing. I had intended to publish it this month, but it might be on hold for a while. It seems that there is a delay on everything, except, of course, the passage of time, and it plunges ahead at full speed, ignoring my brain’s pace.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the changing of the seasons, I welcome Ms. Spring with shorter hair, Ms. Summer with shorter clothes, and Mr. Fall with a sweater and rake. But now, it’s almost time for Old Man Winter. Some people like it, others not so much. I fall on the NSM side, it seems silly to enjoy cold weather when I could be buying new sandals and a new bikini. Maybe I will do it anyway. Life is short and Amazon has everything.

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